2023 TECNA Innovation Awards

Please complete the form below once for each award nomination submission. *The work being nominated should have a milestone in 2022* 

We recommend taking some time to review the nomination form, and then acquire the information necessary to complete. You will NOT be able to save your answers and submit at another time.

Nomination Deadline Monday, June 5, 2023.

Finalists and winners will be recognized at the 2023 TECNA Summer Conference scheduled August 7-9, 2023.

Contact Alina, TECNA Communications Director, with questions at ahardy@tecna.org.

Click here to return to the Innovation Awards page on the TECNA website for category descriptions.

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Council/Association must be a member of TECNA in good standing

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This information will help determine innovation regardless of budget

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Video is Required. Please Note: (a) Video submissions can be informal, filmed on smartphone/tablet/webcam (landscape/wide like a television or computer screen), (b) no editing necessary, (c) Check your surroundings visible in the shot, and try to have light shining on your face (face a window or lamp) (d) please limit videos to about 30 seconds video, (e) Provide a brief overview of the program/work being nominated and why it is innovative. (f) Submit video file through this form or email to ahardy@tecna.org using wetransfer.com, maildrop, etc. & be sure to not compress/shrink the file size, we want high res/HD or 4k video. 

Videos will be reviewed by the awards committee as part of the nomination submission. Finalist and Winner videos may be shared with the TECNA community as part of the awards presentation.

20MB max